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To start off the week we installed this 6.6kW Grid Connect Solar System out at Kewarra Beach This system comprises 24x GCL P6/60 Q Series 275W solar panels, a Fronius Primo 5.0-1-INT inverter and a Fronius 63A Smart Meter.

The Smart Meter is an awesome add on for the Fronius inverters that allows you to view (in real time) what your system is producing, what you are consuming and how much you are drawing from or feeding back into the grid. It also will show you how much of your solar power is being diverted to your storage system when the time comes to install one (once they become financially viable).

Don't worry if you're not tech savvy - we setup all the monitoring software for you free of charge and will contact you a week or so after the install when you have a good amount of data and talk you though your options to maximise savings. We also monitor in real-time all our Fronius systems from our office and work mobile phones for every customer if they wish!